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Small Duty Commercial Trucks-

Small duty commercial trucks or 'light duty' trucks include trucks in the GVWR classes 1 and 2. In the light duty commercial truck line you will find a lot of commercial pickup trucks, commercial passenger vans and many commercial utility vehicles. Light duty or small duty commercial trucks are easily found manual or automatic, new and used, and often gasoline small duty commercial trucks.

Class 1 light duty commercial trucks weigh in the range from 0-6000 lbs. Examples of light or small duty commercial trucks include the Dodge Sprinter 2500 a commercial van and the Toyota Tacoma a great little commercial pickup truck.

Light or small duty commercial trucks that range in weight from 6,001-10,000 are in Class 2. There are small duty commercial trucks in a lot of different fields including utility trucks, light or small duty pickup trucks, and some commercial passenger vans. Class 2 commercial trucks include Dodge vans, GMC C3500 Flatbed commercial truck, and the Ford F250 light duty commercial utility truck.

The consumer can find some great prices on small duty commercial trucks. Light duty commercial truck dealers and auctions are two options for great deals on small duty commercial trucks. Whether you are looking for a new or used light duty commercial truck if your industry doesn't involve a lot of heavy work you may want to consider a light or small duty commercial truck for your business.

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